Book Cooks
(experienced and new) -
Please plan to be part of our 2nd Annual

 Edible Book Festival

 Sunday, March 30, 2003
Indian Springs Recreation Building
9717 Lawndale Drive
Silver Spring, MD

Q What happens at an edible book festival? A From 3 to 4 o'clock, we mill about looking at one another's edible books. At 4pm, we eat them.
Q What is an edible book? A That is up to you to decide. What you make should be a book in some sense of the word. It should be edible without resorting to technicalities. If it's delicious, so much the better. You can see the entries from last year's festival at and some entries from out-of-town festivals at
Q* Now I am alarmed! Those books look elaborate! Those people are charging money! A Fear not. This is an event for people who like food and books. It's just for fun. We don't want your money.
Q I feel much better. What do I do next? A If you can make an edible book, let Koralleen Stavish know (we want to have enough table space) by email to or telephone 301-891-1683. Email is best if you have a choice.

Setup starts at 2:30pm on March 30th. Setup consists of setting your edible book on a table and writing its title on a card.

 If you want to see (and eat) the edible books, they will be on display from 3 to 4pm. To get to the building, go north on Flower Avenue. Right before you reach the end of Flower, turn left onto Lawndale Drive. The building is on the third and final block.